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5 Ideas To Help Younger Children Practice Spanish at Home

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

It is never too early to start introducing children to another language. In fact, early childhood is an optimal time to introduce Spanish. Children are able to absorb languages quickly and reproduce them without worrying about making mistakes. I have been introducing my son (age 2) to a little bit of Spanish. His first Spanish word was 'pato' (duck)! During this journey I have found these ideas useful....

- Watch some Super Simple Songs in Spanish

- Scavenger Hunt - Write down a list of items in Spanish and then the kids can search and tick them off. Works both indoors and out.

- Draw an animal or robot and label the body parts in Spanish.

- SNAP! Play this card game but players must say the number in Spanish when they lay a card.

- Label parts of your house with Spanish words and try and use these words during the day.

Hi, I am Karen. I am a languages tutor and blogger. I offer online tuition for students across the UK. I live in Tonbridge, in Kent, with my husband and my son. For me learning Spanish has meant fun, adventure, friendship and fulfilling work. I love sharing all that I have learnt with my students and via my blog. If you would like to receive 10% off your first online lesson, as well as regular updates and tips for learning Spanish, subscribe here.

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