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Beach Spanish - Useful Phrases to Help You On La Playa

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

For many of us a trip to Spain would not be complete without a trip to its beautiful coastline. From the ever-popular Costa Del Sol, to the secluded coves on the Costa Verde, Spain’s beaches have something to offer for everyone. Why not make your next experience on a Spanish beach even more memorable by learning a few useful phrases? In this article, you will find some useful vocabulary to help you on a day out to the beach in Spain.

Directions to the Beach

Are you struggling to find the beach in a new area or looking for a beach in a more remote location? Try these phrases:

¿Dondé está la playa?

Where is the beach.

¿Cuál es la playa más cerca de aqui?

Which is the closest beach to here?

¿A qué distancia está la playa?

How far is the beach?

Beach Conditions

It is always useful to know when the tides are or what sea conditions will be. This vocabulary may be helpful:

¿Cuándo es la marea alta?

When is high tide?

¿Se puede nadar en el mar hoy?

Can people swim in the sea today?

¿Cuál es la temperatura del água?

What is the temperature of the water?

On the Beach

Once you are on the beach you may need supplies, or to use the facilities. Here are some helpful questions you can ask:

¿Dondé puedo comprar un helado?

Where can I buy an ice cream.

¿Hay una tienda por aqui dondé se puede comprar una toalla?

Is there a shop around here where I can buy a towel?

¿Dondé están los servicios?

Where are the toilets?

I hope these phrases help you when you are next able to take a holiday to Spain or Latin America. Which are your favourite Spanish beaches? Feel free to leave your thoughts and questions in the comments below.

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